Consulting and Training


Our experience has taught us that sales teams, particularly those who sell a highly technical product / service using technical people, have no systematic approach to selling, so sales activity is often haphazard and inefficient.  This is also backed up by independent research which suggests that up to 60% of companies do not have a repeatable sales process.  We therefore like to start any consulting engagement by making an assessment of the current processes.

We focus on three things.

1.       Where do the team focus their effort?

2.       What do the team focus their effort on?

3.       How do the team do it?

We also provide assessment tools to determine the existing skills and behaviours that the team have.  This gives us a complete picture of the team as it is today.  We then work with our clients to review, refine and implement sales processes and methods that most effectively support the sales team and your customers.  We also look for a series of measures to be able to monitor the process and enable management to keep track of progress.

If the sales team need to improve their skills, then we can provide training to help to develop them.  We have a defined process for assessing the current competencies, required competencies and the skills gap and then building a training programme around this. All of our training is built around the specific sales process that has been designed for our clients.  The training is designed around the Equation of Sales but can include additional elements as required.  This will depend on the specific needs that each client has.

Following the training, we can continue to support our clients through ongoing coaching and mentoring to the sales team to support them as they put their new skills into practice.  We typically do this by attending meetings with the sales people to coach them on their performance.  This is a highly effective and non-threatening way of supporting the sales team.  We also provide a tailored sales coaching service for individuals who are looking to improve their skills.

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Classroom Training

Training is designed for each client based on their specific needs.  We build our courses from the fundamental elements of the Equation of Sales, Trust, Needs and Value.  The training will be a mixture of formal classroom training and on-the-job training as required.



Hoolock Consulting provides a sales coaching service for people involved in sales activities.  We work on a one-to-one basis with assigned staff to develop their skills and improve their effectiveness in sales.  All of our work is tailored to the specific company and their products and services.  

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Social Style

Social Style is the world's leading behavioural style model.  It has been used by thousands of organisations to improve leadership performance and sales results.  Social Style is used by global organisations and leading executives because it’s highly effective, yet easy to understand and apply.