Geoscience Software

GeoScience Software is a powerful, easy to use geotechnical software application for geologists and petrophysicists.  It was developed by geo-technical professionals rather than specialized computer programmers.  It is therefore designed to provide common workflows that geologists perform to develop their understanding of an area.  The product is constantly being developed with new updates issued every month.  The programme provides users with access to the following:

·         GIS Interface (Arc/ESRI)

·         Petrophysics

·         Interactive Correlations 

·         Cross Sections (also with Raster Logs)

·         Composite Log Design

·         FIT Pressure Analysis

·         TOC Calculations

·         Multi-well Dipmeter Analysis

·         Full Integration of Mudlog Data

·         Seismic Synthetics

·         Quick Mapping and Data Extraction

The full functionality list is shown in the menu system below.

Each major workflow is broken down into its component parts so that the user can easily navigate through the process.  Data import and export is easy to perform with most file formats being accepted.  The product is easy to use with instructions appearing in each window to guide the user through the process.

merged pictures.jpg

The benefits of using this product include:

1.       Its simple to learn so users can be productive very quickly.

2.       Its price is very low so it can be used to lower overall computing costs without removing necessary workflows.

3.       It contains all the major functionality required by geologists and petrophysicists so can be used by most people most of the time with specialist applications only required for more complex work.

4.       Data and databases can be easily passed between users to enable asset teams to work on the same data at the same time and so reduce cycle times.

5.       It runs on Windows so is compatible with all Office products and doesn’t require significant computing power so no new hardware is required to use it.

6.       It is licensed with a dongle so can be used anywhere, such are travelling to meetings or on the rig site.


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