i-snapshot is the most accurate, powerful and easy-to-use app for sales reporting and management.

i-snapshot has been proven to give a minimum 20% increase in sales productivity.

The effectiveness of sales teams is a combination of effort (how many meetings do they have?); application (are they meeting the right people?) and ability (do they have the skills to execute what is required of them?).  Sales teams typically measure revenue and reward team members based on this.  This is typically because they cannot measure other parameters that contribute to the effectiveness of the team.  By not measuring these parameters, it makes it difficult to improve performance as sales managers do not necessarily know where to focus for the most improvement.

i-snapshot will make a sales team smarter in how they spend their time as it collects and displays their sales visit data in real time in a simple way.  i-snapshot offers streamlined sales reporting and clarity of sales team activity. Visibility of a team’s activity by their peers is proven to increase productivity.

Some typical problems that sales managers face include:

  1. Not knowing if their sales team in the right place at the right time. i-snapshot provides clear, comprehensive visibility of your sales team’s activity and performance in real time.

  2. Needing their team to make more calls. i-snapshot can help to increase sales activity with an average increase in activity of 21%.

  3. Never knowing if they will hit their target till its too late. i-snapshot delivers concise and powerful insight into how your sales team is performing, in real time, every day. Dashboards and reports are available on smartphones, tablets or laptops with instant updating.

  4. Needing data to make decisions. i-snapshot takes the unmanageable volume of information coming in from your sales team and makes it manageable and precise. It removes the complexity of sales reporting and provides, in real time, a clear view of sales activity every day, meaning you are ready to act and react quickly to trends.

  5. Reducing admin time. Details of sales visits can be captured in less than a minute using a smart phone making their life easier and giving them more time to focus on selling.

i-snapshot is easy to use and is tailored for your business and your products.  It can even be tailored for each individual in the team based on their products and customers.  It can be integrated with CRM systems with no need for manual intervention.

Businesses are now collecting data on a scale never before seen.  This data needs to be relevant and used to be of any value.  i-snapshot lets you take advantage of these improvements in data volumes and data handling to improve the effectiveness of your sales team in a meaningful way.

For a demonstration and discussion on how i-snapshot can help you and your business, please contact us directly.