Sales Management Consulting

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Sales management is a crucial role in any organisation.  No sales team is perfect with highly experienced, highly motivated and highly effective sales people.  Like any team, there will be a mixture of skills and experience within the team.  It is the sales manager's role to get the best out of the team through building the right strategy, hiring the right team members, training and developing them and delivering the expectations of management.  

Quite often, sales managers are appointed because they are good at sales rather than being good at management.  As a result, they need support and help to become great managers as well as great sellers.  Hoolock Consulting can help sales managers to achieve their objectives through various consulting engagements.

Building a sales strategy - we have a tried and tested process for building a successful sales strategy to target the right customers at the right time.

Providing processes and tools to ensure that your team are working in the most efficient way.  This means focusing their effort on the right customers and the right opportunities using the right sales process.  We can help you to identify all of these and then provide tools that help you to track their activity in a simple way to monitor their efforts.  By monitoring their effort, you can then work with them to further develop their skills and processes for maximum effect. 

Assistance in hiring - we have worked with and hired many sales people over the years and can work with you to identify the right candidate for your group.

Building an effective team - effectiveness is a combination of effort, targeted at the right people, using the right skills.  We can help you to determine how each member of your team needs to develop to become a highly effective seller.

Voice of the buyer - do you really know what your customer needs or even what they think of your solutions?  We can act as an impartial assessor to talk to customers to determine their typical needs or how they might respond to your approaches.

Account Planning - each sales person should have a plan for each of their main accounts so that they know how they are going to grow their revenue from them.  These should contain a series of actions with an expected outcome so that everyone in the team knows what is required of them.

Training - we can help to improve the skills of each of the members of the team.  We can do this either as group training or one-to-one coaching, depending on the needs of the group.  This can be determined following a training needs assessment which we can also deliver for you.

Ongoing reinforcement - we can support each of the members of the team following formal training to reinforce the learning.  We typically do this by attending meetings with the sales people to coach them on their performance.  This is a highly effective and non-threatening for them as we are an impartial coach.

If you would like to discuss any of these services further, please contact us.