Building a Sales Process

A sales process can be as simple or as complicated as you would like it to be.  However, it essentially does one thing.  It tells a sales person how to develop an opportunity into a sale.  In simple terms, it is about moving from Suspect (I think that there might be an opportunity) to prospect (I know that there is an opportunity) to Opportunity (I have sent a proposal) to Sale (I have closed the deal).

sales process boxes.jpg

The process is going to be specific to every product and every selling company.   There will be similarities between companies, not least because the customer's buying process will impact on your selling process.  

To build a process, you need to start with a generic one but then review the activities that the sales team currently do.  How do they fit into the process?  What works well?  What is missing?  How do the best sales happen?  What has proved to be a waste of time in the past?  The input and experience of the sales team need to be included in the process, so that they feel part of it and also so that the best of their activities can be included.