Hoolock Consulting was founded by Tim Gibbons in 2016 to offer sales consulting services to the upstream oil and gas industry, with a focus on geoscience.  Our aim is to promote and sell products and services for companies based outside of UK to oil and gas companies in UK.  We can also assist UK companies on specific sales opportunities and campaigns. 

Tim Gibbons, Sales Trainer

Tim has 28 years of experience in the oil industry initially in oil and gas companies and then in service companies.  He has worked for two major operators as a geophysicist and worked in new ventures, exploration and production.  The majority of this time was spent working in the North Sea.

Tim has 19 years of commercial experience gained with three major service / consulting companies.  He held a variety of managerial, sales and business development roles in each organisation demonstrating an ability to grow the business he was responsible for in all cases.  He has experience of selling computing technology, technical geoscience services and multi-client projects around the world, particularly Europe, Australia and North America.

In 2013, Tim led a team to win a multi-year multi-million dollar tender to deliver the Stratigraphic Harmonisation Project in West Africa for the African Petroleum Producers Association (APPA).  The project is complex both technically and commercially and Tim was instrumental in the management of the subsequent negotiations with APPA. This project has given him exposure and experience in Africa and working with government agencies, both of which are extremely challenging.

Tim has experience of presenting at trade exhibitions; managing regionally diverse teams, sometimes spread around the world and project management, gaining Prince2 Practitioner qualification.  He has a BA in Physics from University of Oxford and a MSc in Exploration Geophysics from Imperial College, London.

In 2016, Tim founded Hoolock Consulting to provide sales services to companies which need some additional support.  Tim has a wide range of contacts both in the service sector and in oil and gas companies which he utilises to develop opportunities for all parts of the value chain.  Tim focuses on finding the value that a product or service delivers to a customer and articulating the benefits that can come from it.  Building trust with clients, understand their needs and articulating the benefits of the products he is supplying are the cornerstones of his approach.  This was summed up by Merv Swan, a former Halliburton Executive, who said “Tim is a sales rock star especially when it comes to building trust and coaching clients.  His technical expertise combined with business experience is second to none.”