What problems are you trying to solve?

Finding opportunities, developing and closing them is generally hard work.  Customers are extremely busy and need a good reason to meet with you.  They are also becoming far more aware of the products and services that are available to them.  Sales people need to be more aware of the need to provide value, not just through what they sell but through how they sell.

Hoolock Consulting provides a variety of sales training, developed based on The Equation of Sales .  However, its often necessary to approach the need for training from the other direction, to consider the issues that you are trying to resolve.  We have listed some of the typical issues that our clients have faced and have documented some ideas about what training you might consider to help you to overcome these issues.

1     My customer will not return my calls.

2     We make lots of presentations but they go no further than that.

3     I find it difficult to understand what my customer is thinking about.

4     I'm not sure if my sales team are talking to the correct people within the customer.

5     How many meetings should I have each week?

6     Am I asking the correct questions in meetings?

7     My customers seem to lose interest during my presentations.

8     I don't understand why my customer does not want to buy my technology.

9     I'm not sure which customers I should be meeting with in the next six weeks.

10    Our customers cannot see a difference between us and our competitors.